Lucas Plumbing & Gas Solutions are experts in diagnosing and repairing plumbing leaks in Adelaide.

We are reliable and cost-effective plumbers that can fix install your plumbing leaks quickly and professionally.

Plumbing leaks fixed by the professionals

Plumbing leaks can occur around your home at any time, sometimes without warning! When this happens, you need your plumbing leaks fixed FAST. And this is where the professional team from Lucas Plumbing and Gas Solutions can help.

We can come to you, 24 hours, seven days a week to fix plumbing leaks around your Adelaide home.

Gas leak repairs, toilet leaks, emergency plumbing leaks and tap leaks are our speciality. Contact us today where our team of qualified and licensed plumbers and gas fitters are waiting to fix your plumbing leaks.


Number One Emergency Plumbing Leak

All plumbing leaks should be fixed fast. A small leak can cause significant damage if it is left too long.

BUT, there is one type of plumbing leak that is considered an emergency and should be immediately fixed – Gas Leaks.

Gas leaks can only be diagnosed and fixed by a qualified and licensed gas fitter. Gas leaks are hazardous, and this is not a DIY job. If you suspect you have a gas leak, a qualified gas fitter must diagnose the leak as quickly as possible. If left a gas leak can potentially lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, fires or explosions. The team at Lucas Plumbing and Gas Solutions are experts in this field and the gas fitters Adelaide trusts. We can confidently fit new gas services, detect leaks and carry out gas leak repairs, repair hot water systems and install new appliances.  We can also replace your existing gas piping.

Gas leaks are easy to detect. Often there is a smell of gas around appliances. Sometimes a gas appliance might make a hissing sound, or there could be a change in the colour of the pilot light. There are occasions where a gas leak might go undetected, and the first signs of a problem is a significant increase in your gas bill.

A faulty gas appliance can also omit a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide which can affect how you or your family feel. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be dangerous – signs include feeling dizzy, nausea, shortness of breath and chest pains. If you feel any of these, go outside immediately and get some fresh air until they pass and call our 24-hour emergency service on (08) 8004 0040.


CCTV Drain inspections

Plumbing leak detection services are a breeze thanks to our state of the art CCTV drain inspection technology. Pipe leak detection no longer involves the removal of any plumbing to be able to diagnose a problem.

This technology will help us to diagnose your plumbing leaks, mainly underground pipe leaks, FAST.

Using CCTV drain inspection, our licensed plumbers can thoroughly inspect the condition of your drains and pipes without extensive digging or disruption to your home. This is an easy technique to discover leaking drains within your plumbing.

We can then give you a full diagnosis and action plan to fix the leak or blockage.


is your garden hiding dangerous plumbing leaks?

Underground plumbing leaks and damaged underground pipes can often go undetected, which can lead to a big, messy and expensive plumbing leak repair.

Underground plumbing leaks are a plumbing problem you need to have looked at fast. And using our CCTV diagnosis tools, we can inspect the condition of your underground pipes with minimal disruption. This makes our pipe leak repairs quick and efficient.

But how do you know if you have an underground plumbing leak?

Well, your garden will be giving you a few tell-tale signs.

You might notice there are wet areas of the garden that never seem to dry up or there could be unexplained growth of the plants or trees in one area of your garden. Around paving, you might notice cracks or a “drop” in the ground.

Inside your home, you might see a drop in water pressure or a brownish tinge to your water.

Contact Lucas Plumbing and Gas Solutions via our 24-hour emergency hotline for assistance and advice as soon as you notice possible signs of underground plumbing leaks.


Leaking Tap Repairs

Leaking taps might not seem like a significant plumbing leak repair, but if left, a small drip may eventually causing damage to your Adelaide home and increase your water bills significantly.

Mixer taps, Quarter or Half Turn taps and traditional taps all experience a drip or leak at some stage in their lifetime. Components such as washers and o-rings inside the taps wear and require replacement. Once they start to wear, the tap will start dripping or leaking.

A leaking tap will waste a lot more water than you think! You’re paying for water to go straight down the drain. Fix leaking taps as soon as the leak appears to save money and avoid costly water damage. 

Depending on the type of leak, constant dripping water from a tap can form moisture in the house, and with time, you will start to see mould on the floors, ceilings, and walls. If it is a significant leak, it can also cause costly structural damage to your home.



Common plumbing leaks around the home

Plumbing leaks can range from a minor problem such as an annoying dripping tap or a major underground leak. Whatever your plumbing leak, Lucas Plumbing and Gas Solutions of the right tools, plumbers and gas fitters to fix your plumbing leaks fast.

To help guide you, here is a list of common plumbing leaks we often see around Adelaide homes.


Laundry leaks should be reasonably easy to spot. Leaking taps are common, be sure also to check the taps leading directly to your washing machine. Leaking laundry troughs are also common. Check the surrounding area around and under the trough for signs of damage. Drainage can also crack and leak. Check the floor tiles for cracks as this can be a sign of a plumbing leak.


Again, leaking taps are common in the kitchen. Check the area surrounding your dishwasher as often pipes can wear causing a leak. Often, we also see a kitchen sink leaking as well.

Often when homeowners think about leaks, they only consider water leaks and water leak repairs. But one of the most common leaks in your kitchen can be a dangerous gas leak. The smell of gas or a hissing sound from gas appliances can indicate a leak. Contact an emergency plumber immediately if you suspect gas leaks around your home.


OTHER plumbing leaks around the home


Bathtub leaks are common. Often these can occur around the drain or in the underground pipes. Sometimes the bathtub could be damaged, causing a leak. Look for damaged tiles or slow draining water as a sign of leakage.

A common leak that may cause significant damage to your internal walls is a leaking shower. A leaking shower can go undetected for some time. By the time it is discovered, the damage will have already occurred. Take a look at the walls on the outside of your bathroom around the shower. If they are buckled or wet, there is a possibility you have a leaking shower. Sometimes homeowners can hear the pipes behind the shower leaking when the shower is in use. A leaking shower repair should only be carried out by a licensed plumber.

Leaking bathroom vanity taps should also be fixed fast to stop water from going down the drain.


Outdoor leakages can be challenging to detect. New growth in lawn or garden beds or puddles of water that never dries up are the signs to look out for. Downpipes can often crack, check walls behind pipes for damage.

Many plumbers, including Lucas Plumbing and Gas Solutions, use state of the art CCTV drainage inspection to diagnose leaking pipes underground.



Lucas Plumbing and Gas Services is the plumber Adelaide trusts for a wide range of services. Not only do we deal with cctv drain camera inspections (drain camera inspections), but we can also do:

  • Gas Fitting
  • Leaking Taps
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Hot Water Units (Rinnai hot water is our preferred brand)
  • Heat Pumps
  • Residential and Commercial plumbing services

along with kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations and project management.